Cristina Bonucci - master of style and personality and artist


Shopping Together consists on accompany you to shopping, advising you on the colours choices and models best suited to your figure and face and the furnishings for your workplace. It is designed for your professional wardrobe and for your workplace, but also for choosing gifts and freebies for your Customers and/or Employees.

After having carried out the Colours and the Body and Facial Shape Analysis, the Analysis of your professional wardrobe and your workplace in its current state will also be carried out, to evaluate together the functional restyling for your profession, always in view of achieving your work goals. Discover the various proposals in the 'Price Details'.

Your Personal Palette + the Body Shape Folder + the Face Shape Folder + the Workplace Folder, naturally all in colour and full of images that illustrate the characteristics of your figure and face and advice for restyling of the professional headquarters; the Folders are delivered to you in both digital (.pdf) and paper format.

NOTE: shopping day is from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.