Cristina Bonucci - master of style and personality and artist

I have always believed, since I was a child, that 'goodness' is a crucial lever for sharing life, in its many facets and with everyone. And that from goodness, the sense of beauty and 'beauty' itself, and therefore 'art' emerge. I believe that beauty is internal, even before it is visible to the entire world, and a natural consequence of a heart that chooses 'goodness'. Perhaps we never reflect enough on why, when we love and when we are in harmony with ourselves and the world, we also become, almost magically, more radiant and lovely in everyone's eyes, more open and receptive towards others, and even more creative in the small daily things. Vice versa, as in all respected fairy tales, when we distance ourselves from 'goodness' and choose 'evil', we become ugly beings even outside, without fantasy and flair. I don't know how much we are born disposed to one or the other tip of the balance, how much is genetic or not in certain behaviors, but I am convinced that each of us can live with the intention of being a better person and work to achieve that. Trendy clothing, fashionable haircuts, stylish accessories, and perfect makeup enhance the body, but a person who 'loves' also radiates an inner light. How many times have we seen people shine with their own light, beyond appearances? I believe each of us has experienced this at least once in life. In my work, I have witnessed that we can all radiate brilliance if we take care of ourselves with the right balance and a wise use of time, embracing and loving our whole Person. The journey I undertake with You is of this kind. It's about the necessary time to make you shine and radiate your own light: the right Style is indeed a perfect combination of Light, Shapes, Textures and Colors that align with your Personality, and it's the most powerful Tool you have to successfully claim the Place you desire for yourself in the World.