Cristina Bonucci - master of style and personality and artist


Personal Style is the first step for your Success. It distinguishes you from anyone else and defines you as a person, in a couple, in society and as a professional. Personal Style discovers and enhances your Fashion Personality and makes you unique, unmistakable, precious, rare. The path that I propose to you takes into consideration the totality of your Person, made up of your History, your Name, your Figure, your Education, your Profession, your Role, your Strengths, your Objectives and your Expectations.

An entire cognitive day to spend together; the Color Session; the Body Shape and Face Shape Session; the Personal Style Project; Creating Your Own Monogram and Shopping Together.

1. Copy of the Fashion Sketches, designed by me, of the must-have items of your Personal Style, suitable for your Body Shape and your Armocromatica Palette;
2. Style Folder full of color images of all the elements that emerged from the Color and Shape Sessions and all the clothing, accessories and jewels that illustrate Your Personal Style (according to the trends of the autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons of the moment and also with vintage proposals); the Folder is delivered to you both in digital format (.pdf) and on paper;
3. Monogram Folder containing the creation of your Personal Monogram, declined in various formats and in different colours; the Folder is delivered to you both in digital format (.pdf) and on paper;
4. Personal Folder entitled 'MY NUANCES' + Customized Color Palette for each beauty choice (make-up, beard, clothing, accessories, jewellery); the Folder and the Palette are delivered to you both in digital format (.pdf) and on paper;
5. Four days of Shopping Together, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

At the side: Celebrities with unmistakable style.