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It is not unusual to be necessary to give something special and important as a gift to one's most prestigious Customers. To do something that remains in the mind of the person being honored, you need to go beyond the usual gift paths and dare to establish that bond of exclusivity that the prestigious person will surely appreciate. So what better choice than an art object? Next we see the images of the Great (Bamboo) Wall by architect Kengo Kuma in Beijing and my Domus A Kengo Kuma 1 dedicated to him. I chose to offer you this first gift idea because the Architect himself had to write about the work: 'The combination of Great (Bamboo) Wall and Miyajima shrine is interesting'. More of my proposals for art objects will be released soon!

Alternatively you can choose to give away the individual Consultancies proposed or the Package you have composed or my Art Catalogs and Books.

My works and artistic productions.
I currently propose my 'Domus A Kengo Kuma 1' made of wood, iron, gold leaf, bamboo and canvas and measuring cm. 140x113x65h with its own base.

Shipping by private courier of the work A Kengo Kuma 1 (including the base) accompanied by the technical data sheets. The work is shipped disassembled; I am available if you want my work to reassemble it at the destination.