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Bridal Styling, in Italian the wedding style, defines the date and atmosphere of the wedding; takes care of the style of the bride and groom; the dress code of the parents of the bride and groom; the one for wedding witnesses, bridesmaids and guests; as well as the rules of etiquette and good manners.

A first free introductory meeting, the Color and Shape of the Body & Face Analysis Sessions for the bride and groom, their parents, witnesses and bridesmaids; the choice of the bride and groom's clothes, according to current or vintage trends, in a classic or avant-garde style, from colors to textures, from models to accessories, from the neckline to the bride's veil, from gloves to jewels; the type of hairstyle, makeup and bouquet; the session dedicated to poise; the bridal shower; the emergency kit.

The Bridal Styling Folder, originally designed by me for you; the Folder is delivered to you in both digital (.pdf) and paper format.

At the side: celebrity Brides who make us dream.