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STYLE Part 6

Dear Friends, today we are talking about Style by Contrast and Independent Style. The Style by Contrast is a Style that works precisely in the opposite direction to that by repetition: so we have, for example, people with cool colors who, for this very reason, like to warm up the shades of outfits and make-up with warmer colors; just as there are people who have a certain body & facial shape and wish to create the optical illusion of a different shape of both body and face. Lastly, we see the Independent Style. This is a Style that is absolutely untethered from the principles outlined so far and consciously uses both one and the other in the different circumstances and occasions of life. With this sixth and final part of the Style roundup, I remind you that It is never the result of improvisation but is always a wise, reasoned and calibrated path based on one's Personality!

08.04.2024 16:20:58
Ciao Valentina! Per questo c'è la stylist!
Valentina Ruggiani 07.04.2024 15:30:01
Non è facile scegliere e soprattutto capire quello che va bene e se va bene sempre

STYLE Part 5

Dear Friends, we now have the basis for consciously distinguishing the three possible paths for choosing one's Style: the Style by Repetition path, the Style by Contrast, and the Independent Style. Today we look at the Style by Repetition. It is the one currently best known and is based primarily on the principles of Armochromy-whereby people who have cold complexions want cold colors and those who have warm complexions want warm colors, resulting in a detailed examination about belonging to the four different armochromatic seasons. By the same criterion, body shapes and face shapes are also respected in both looks and make-up. I look forward to seeing you in part 6!

08.04.2024 16:26:22
Ciao! Non si può capire 'quale stile' se prima non si sono effettuati dei passaggi necessari per capire le proprie forme e i propri colori, gli obiettivi che si vogliono raggiungere e il contesto in cui occorre 'stare' ... la personalità vive di così tante sfaccettature che diventa impossibile orientarsi senza una guida esperta. Il 'fai da te', in questi casi, non aiuta molto.
Valentina Ruggiani 07.04.2024 15:28:05
Come si fa a capire quale stile vameglio per una persona?

STYLE Part 4

Dear Friends, today I am talking to you about style in relation to body shapes and skin and hair textures. The history of art and fashion teaches us that every era and every civilisation has its own canons of beauty and that what is considered beautiful in certain historical periods and social contexts, is not so in other times and in other areas. Generally speaking, we can say that there are five different canons of beauty for women's bodies and five for men's bodies. Faces, both female and male, also have eight main shapes, which do not always correspond to those of the body. There is also a variety of skin and hair textures: there are complexions that look porcelain and others less thin, some are duller and others shinier, we have thick hair and others less full-bodied, and so on. Each of us is really a world of our own and wants a truly calibrated style. I look forward to part 5! 

13.03.2024 19:38:57
Buonasera, può telefonarmi al 3480935778 o inviarmi un'email a Grazie! A presto!
Lucia Marini 12.03.2024 18:53:28
Buongiorno, come posso prenotare per una consulenza "Forma del Corpo"? Grazie.

STYLE Part 3

Dear Friends, today I speak to you about Style with reference to Light and Colours, and to do so let us go back in time, to the very early 1700s, when the scientist Newton stated that white light is the sum of all colours. Of a different opinion was the poet Goethe who, in the first half of the 1800s, overturned Newton's thought, claiming that colours have no life of their own and are only distinguished in the interaction of light with darkness. But we have to wait until 1930, for the world of image and costume, with the transition of Hollywood cinema from black and white to colour, to begin experimenting with the reasoned use of colours in relation to the complexions of the divas. We close this brief history of colour with the painter Itten who in 1961 created his famous Circle, which you see here next to me, which is widely used in the fashion world today, and which distinguishes colours into primary, secondary and tertiary. I await you in part 4!

06.03.2024 21:56:42
Grazie Silvia!
Silvia Gori 01.03.2024 10:30:16
Ciao Cristina, che bella questa serie 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

STYLE Part 2

Dear Friends, today I speak to you about Style. Let us consider, first of all, that there is a considerable difference between the spontaneous way of dressing and the researched Style; then let us consider that there is no right Style for everyone; each of us, in fact, has his or her own Personality that demands uniqueness. There are then three possible macro paths for the choice of Style: the path by Repetition, the path by Contrast and the Independent path. Finally, and in any case, whichever path one chooses, it is not good to start without knowing what one's personal light and colours are, without knowing the shape of one's body, and without understanding one's textures. I look forward to part 3!

24.02.2024 14:22:51
Certo Carla: nella prima immagine in alto a sinistra, vedi Margot con un vestito oro, quindi con un colore che 'ripete' i suoi tono caldi; nella foto al centro e a destra, indossa il nero, il colore per eccellenza delle persone con incarnati freddi e ad alta intensità (le persone winter, per intenderci), proponendo un contrasto interessante con il suo incarnato; mentre nella foto in basso e a sinistra, abbina il nero con il rosa cipria, cioè il colore freddo 'inverno' insieme a quello freddo 'estate'...quindi un mix libero e indipendente. Personalmente la trovo splendida in tutti i casi e devo dire che lo Stile per Contrasto, su di lei, mi piace molto.
Carla Mattioli 23.02.2024 19:27:03
Ciao Cristina, mi spieghi i diversi stili riferiti a Margot Robbie?

STYLE Part 1

Dear Friends, today starts here on my channel the first of six parts of a mini-series dedicated to Style. I am Cristina Bonucci, I come from the world of visual arts and this year I am celebrating 30 years of artistic career. I then trained at the Italian Image Institute, obtaining a Master's degree in Image Consulting. As a style coach in the world of image consulting, I bring innovative work as a fashion art and fashion illustrator, which allows me to create unique and original outfits for you: whatever the shape of your body, I can 'tailor' your exclusive style, both personal and professional. I look forward to the second part, where we will start talking about actual style.

19.02.2024 19:58:33
Grazie, Frida!
Frida Lezi 17.02.2024 20:08:35
Ciao Cri.come stai bene con i capelli lisci